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What to Expect in an Individual SomaYoga Session

Individual SomaYoga sessions aim to help you identify the patterns that hold you in mis-alignment with your Self and become more skilled in making changes to attain your desired alignment. These patterns and the triggers for these patterns are often unconscious.  Practices that bring them into your consciousness often involve working with the mind or physical body.  Once you can sense what is happening within yourself, then you can start to become skilled in changing how you engage your mind or body as you interact in the world. 

Your first individual session will include a postural analysis, intake of your daily activities, general physical history, and desired outcomes.  We will then focus on one or more areas that are prominent for you to address and use various techniques such as somatics education (neuro-muscular re-education), yoga movements, breathing and/or mind practices to work with what is most needed.  We will also define some home practices that will help you progress in your desired direction.  

To get results with SomaYoga, you will need to engage in some home practice, since your body-mind needs to learn new things.  Otherwise, you will not be able to release the old patterns your body-mind has learned so well over time. 

Preparing for Your Session

Please come in clothes that are not restrictive (for example, no tight jeans, shirts, tailored dress clothes, dresses, skirts, or bulky sweaters that limit your full range of motion). Wear or bring modest clothes that you can move freely in, such as sweat pants, yoga pants, and t-shirts.

Sessions are all 90 minutes unless there is a reason for a longer or shorter session.  

Session Prices

  • First session (90 minutes)....$75
  • Two month bi-weekly session package (90 minutes each)....$300 (Four sessions must be used within a 3 month period)  
  • Individual Sessions (90 minutes)....$110

Location and Times

Contact for directions (East Madison, WI)

By appointment on Mondays and Saturdays

Phone:  608-207-6862


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