SomaYoga opened my eyes to an entirely different approach to exercise. In this class the emphasis is placed on staying within your limits and focusing on muscle awareness. One muscle group is worked at a time making it very approachable for all types of people and fitness levels. I believe this class is a great exercise solution for less active people, people with back problems, people recovering from injuries, as well as being a great muscle learning experience for those who exercise regularly!

Nancy -2014

I have been working with Kim for over a month now.  I am pain free in my back. My hips and legs are moving better than at any time in the past three years.  Sticking with her regimen is the key!

Charlie -2008


Greetings.  I have experienced Kim's work.  I found it the most promising of any therapy for "re-educating" my body to alleviate chronic pain and discomfort.  Kim is a knowledgeable and competent professional. Her method of teaching is gentle and encouraging.  She is a wonderful addition to the holistic community of New England.

Mary Kay Kinsella, RN -2008




I recently saw Kim Kies for somatic education. She was great!  Her approach and explanation of the exercises were clear and supportive of my own process.  I highly recommend working with Kim.   After doing the exercises I felt the flexibility in my body and mind expand.  It allowed me to participate in activities that I had stopped doing.


With gratitude,

Katharine Rossi -2008

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